Facilitating win win outcomes

PARETIFY facilitates win-win outcomes in the space between organizations and their employees.

We do this through the application of cutting-edge methods and software.
Software solutions ensure data and actionable insights for the individual employee, for all managers and for the organization overall.

Dashboards and a new approach to data-visualization ensures unprecedented overview. Data is the foundation for insights and actions. Overview enables easy prioritizing and precise communications – even in 1:1 formats.

Solutions rest on a solid foundation based on theory (Pareto Equilibrium), method (Eliminating Employee Sacrifice) and years of practical experience in HR, recruiting and organizational development.

We don’t do surveys. We build datasets – individual preference profiles.

Based on data, we ensure insights for all – employees, managers and the organization. Insights which – on the organizational level – can be used to entice, engage and retain scarce talent.