PARETIFY makes complex negotiations easy.

We use technology to provide EQUAL ACCESS to negotiations. In so doing we provide users with the full benefits of computerized negotiations: Better (win-win) deals and a reduction in time, costs, stress and cognitive effort on the part of the user.

The basis for everything we do is the Pareto Equilibrium (hence the name) – a mathematical equilibrium in a negotiation between two agents based on a number of scored parameters (preferences).

The approach ensures
– A more efficient process (no money or opportunities left on the table)
– Greater effect (better experience/relations, increased engagement)
– Empowerment of all parties involved (easy overview and action points)

A platform for transparent, positive, and relation-building negotiations. Win-win instead of the traditional zero-sum approach (single winner). Complexity curbed by technology providing easy overview.

Finally, we help bring about new practices and actual solutions to long overdue issues such as gender- and majority/minority pay gaps and related systemic inequalities.