December 1st


For the longest time, HR has been a staff function serving mainly the organization. Management if you will. To that end HR have applied tools with very set characteristics:

  • Standardized
  • Survey tools
  • Measures perception only
  • One dimensional and based on averages
  • Based of assumed correlations

Consequently, tools offer data, but no actionable insights. They do nothing to handle complexity. And it’s a one way street only: No data or insights ever floats back to employees. Nothing is done to enable or empower on a wider scale..


COVID has unleashed employee demands for a much more customized/personalized approach. “One size fits all” is dead.

With the employee rising in significance as an “internal customer” and complexity levels rising in this post-COVID reality, HR is finding it increasingly difficult to be perceived as relevant. Symptoms include a mass exodus of talent, quiet quitting and skyrocketing attrition.

The solution thus far has been to apply more of the same. Using the same old tools.


At PARETIFY, we deliver a new kind of tool that will enable HR and organizations to engage employees and meet employee needs and wants with precision. On any level. With ease. Our tool:

  • is based on the principles of customization/personalization
  • measures preferences
  • is two-dimensional
  • provides data AND insights
  • is based on clear/certain correlations

We empower and enable ALL parties providing precise data and actionable insights: The organization, HR, managers AND individual employees.

Relevance is ensured. Everybody wins.